01 August 2011

Some People Just Sparkle...

...and our interview with this Entrepreneur's Spouse proved that she is one of those people. Her optimism and bright outlook on life were just a few of the aspects that stood out in our Skype Interview last week (not to mention her happy marriage and beautiful daughter). Although she has been married for only a few short years, she has depth well beyond that, which will prove to be a great strength to her Entrepreneur and family in the years to come!

Also...We LOVED that she referred to her husband as a brilliant, adorable geek. :)

Mrs. Sparkling Entrepreneur
Stats: Married. 2 years.
Phase: Startup
Children: 1, {a girl and she is ADOREable!}
Started first business: 2 years before they met.

MTE: Tell me a little about your introduction to Entrepreneurship.
So I came into the Entrepreneurial world through employment that I had prior to meeting my future husband. So I was very familiar with the stresses and concepts of the Entrepreneurial Life already, you know...the extremes, the ups and downs. And then I met my husband-to-be and he had a small company. They were actually an incubator at the time, they had maybe 5 people, they were in the red, he had hired a CEO about a year before we met, so they were small and struggling, but had really good potential. So that's kind of when the "current" entrepreneurship came into my life.
MTE: Did you know he was an Entrepreneur when you married him?
Yes, he started his company 2 years before we met. So I knew it when I met him.
MTE: Were you raised in an entrepreneurial family?
No, not at all.
MTE: Throughout your marriage did you have a career outside of the home; were you a stay at home parent or a mixture of both?
Before our daughter was born I worked outside the home. Now saying I work in the home doesn't even begin to describe all the work that I do! {laughing}
MTE: What attracted you to your Entrepreneur? 
"First off, he is brilliant. Second off, he is adorable."
{those were exactly the first words out of her mouth. LOVE IT!}
We are both optimists so I love that. We are both really open to trying knew things and trying new experiences. Both very active, physically and in our community so we are a good match.
MTE: What has been your involvement with the companies/businesses?
I plan the parties. So I put on the holiday party and we just did our company picnic. I have also recently just become their interior designed for their new office space, so I have been working on the logistics for that. So that is the extent of my involvement.
MTE: What are some of the tough aspects of being Married to an Entrepreneur?
The only hardships we have are balancing time with family. He doesn't work a ton. He is a 40-50 hour/week guy. In exchange I do almost all of the managing of our life. The investment has been in his venture more than other things and so we have had to step up to make that venture happen which has meant more independent managing for me.
MTE: What are some of the coolest aspects of being Married to an Entrepreneur?
It's really exciting to see his company grow and to be a part of it and see his excitement and how proud he is of his accomplishments. So at this point in our life the money is good. That's been a really nice thing, over the last year or so. People always think: "Oh, you own your own business you must be able to enjoy lots of time traveling, doing everything you want, etc." and it's not exactly that. We do get to travel quite a bit, so it does give us a lot of freedom. Theoretically, business owners can, but if they want to have successful businesses they don't always get to.
MTE: How would you describe your Entrepreneur?
"Geeky, Passionate"
MTE: Is it worth it?
Absolutely. It's a lot of fun, a lot more exciting, than being married to someone who goes to a corporate job and isn't very excited about what they do and live for the weekend because they dread the week. We have extreme satisfaction in what we do.
MTE: What advice would you give to someone who is about to marry an Entrepreneur?
Be prepared to be a sounding board. Don't be too hung up on actually giving advice, because half the time they won't take it anyway. {laughing} Be willing to give your ideas and insight, but don't be offended if they don't do exactly what you say. Also don't be too rigid about schedules because there is a lot of fluctuation. Hold on and enjoy the ride!
MTE: What is one lesson you have learned from your Entrepreneur?
One of the things that I learned is that you don't have to wait for someone else, if you have the desire to do something or accomplish something then you can do it. Also having a 401K plan is not as necessary as I thought...as my parents indicated {laughing}, it's just not the only way.

Thanks Mrs. Sparkling Entrepreneur! Our Interview was short and sweet and you definitely brightened my day!