12 September 2014

5 Simple Ways To Reconnect With Your Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship can be really tough on a marriage. Mostly because The Marriage tends to end up in the backseat on this one way street. And they say white girls can't rhyme. It takes A LOT of hard work to keep your marriage on equal footing when there's a startup romance blooming (or looming, however you like to view it). Today I am sharing 5 Simple Ways to Reconnect with Your Entrepreneur. They will take a little bit of effort, but they can pay off in a big way.

1. Ask Questions. If you are worried that asking questions will open the floodgate to a conversation about EV-ER-Y-THING going on in your Entrepreneurs large and very open ended mind, then I can confidently tell you that the answer to that concern is a resounding, "Yes!". Entrepreneurs can hardly contain themselves when it comes to talking about their ideas. It's like word vomit. Once you get them started it just keeps coming until it's all out there. They love to get others pumped up about their latest success and they appreciate guidance when working through their latest setback. They will truly come to love, honor and respect a spouse who is genuinely interested and engaged in their ventures. So stay in tune with what's going on and ask specific questions about how things are going. They need an outlet and a listening ear. (And better you than some other crazy Entrepreneur anyway). 

2. Bedtime Rituals. Create couple bedtime rituals. Honestly it doesn't matter what the rituals are, it's just important that you have something that brings you together at the end of each day.  The event isn't the focus. The act of having an event is. So start a new Netflix series. Or read in bed; together or individually. Maybe you'd like to unwind by practicing a few yoga moves. Whether or not you both actually go to sleep at the same time is irrelevant, but having a ritual that brings you together at the end of the day will help keep you connected. 

Speaking of being connected...

3. Dinner Unplugged. While it may sound simple and insignificant it's actually really hard and very important. Research shows lots of reasons why dinner time is important for families, so unplugging during this important time of day should be a given. Some nights our dinners are literally 15 minutes. Food on plate. Food in mouth. Done. Other nights we sit and visit and laugh and goof off for an hour or more. And let's not forget the nights of spilled milk, short tempers and early bedtimes because we all know those happen too. It doesn't have to be based on the time spent at the dinner table, but more importantly the essence of being at the dinner table. Keeping phones and emails at a distance shows your family that they are a priority. It will teach them that dinner time is sacred and that it deserves the same respect that any client or investor or potential partner would receive.

4. Get Active. Do a side-by-side activity together once a week. Go for a run or a nice bike ride. Take a hike, literally. Surf, play basketball or throw a frisbee around. Jump on the trampoline. Kick a soccer ball back and forth. Go fly a kite, have a planking competition or get frisky. Couples bond when they do things together. Not only is it a great investment for your health, it's great for your relationship too. So take your pick and go get busy.

5. Kiss Everyday. People throw the word LOVE around like no other. And because of that sometimes it loses it's luster. But kisses on the other hand... kisses are for someone you're into. So kiss your Entrepreneur. Show them you're into them. Some days your kisses will be quick pecks during the early morning rush. Some days they will be a little more thoughtful. Occasionally they will be really hot and passionate. The point is that they need to happen. Every. Single. Day. Kissing location is up to your discretion. On the cheek, on the hand or right on the smacker! It doesn't matter, just get it done. Not in the same physical location? Send a kissy selfie or a "MUAH" text. Make the effort to let your Entrepreneur know you dig them. 

Try implementing one today. I promise it's worth the investment.