14 July 2016

3 Reasons Why I'm Divorcing Entrepreneurship

Well let's just be honest.
It's been a long time coming really.

There were red flags and warning signs all along the road.
And really sometimes you just have to admit that even though you have spent time creating a life together that sometimes it's just better to just cut your losses and go your separate ways. 

That's why I'm divorcing Entrepreneurship.

13 May 2016

3 Lies You Shouldn't Believe about Entrepreneurial Marriages.

People don't tell the truth for a variety of reasons. 
Sometimes they want to protect themselves. 
Sometimes they want to protect others. 
Often they have something to hide. 

Occasionally time has caused them to forget the truth, 
or the truth has changed 
or been redefined 
or been lost.  

Here are 3 lies you shouldn't believe about Entrepreneurial Marriages:

04 June 2015

3 Reasons Why My Work At Home Spouse Is Ruining My Life

My husband works from home and yes, it is awesome.......ly annoying. 

In fact, it's ruining my life in a handful of ways.

22 May 2015

The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship

I have always been a huge defender of Entrepreneurship. There are seriously few things in this life that are as amazing to me as the fighting entrepreneurial spirit.
But that does not mean it's an easy road.

One night my Entrepreneur and I found ourselves both exhausted in the seemingly never-ending fight to get to the next level. Nights like those are probably NOT the best time to define the meaning of life, but, alas, we were engaged in an intense discussion about trying to figure out what on earth we were doing.

And once again I found myself defending entrepreneurship.

This time, however, it wasn't with a 9-5 co-worker, a corporate-for-life friend or someone who is way too scared of risk to dare the life of entrepreneurship.


This time it was against my Entrepreneur.