14 July 2016

3 Reasons Why I'm Divorcing Entrepreneurship

Well let's just be honest.
It's been a long time coming really.

There were red flags and warning signs all along the road.
And really sometimes you just have to admit that even though you have spent time creating a life together that sometimes it's just better to just cut your losses and go your separate ways. 

That's why I'm divorcing Entrepreneurship.

Let's just call it what it is. 
We can claim irreconcilable differences. 
Luckily we live in a no fault divorce state.
We can share joint custody. 
In fact, I am actually willing to give up a little more time with my Entrepreneur to avoid all the initial awkwardness. I am happy with a few weeks in the summer and every other weekend. 

There is one contingency though: 
When it is MY DAY with my Entrepreneur then NO ENTREPRENEURSHIP IS ALLOWED. 
You are not welcome. 
Don't Call. 
Don't Text. 
And yes, I'm unfollowing you. 

In case you aren't aware of the reasons why it's come to this point and in case you are hoping there is any chance of reconciliation let me just inform you that there isn't and here's why:

1. You've Changed.

You used to be really fun and exciting. You were so intriguing and almost a little on the edge, but now....now you just feel like a job. 
That's right. 
I said it... J.  O.  B. 
But you know what the not so funny thing is? You actually aren't quite as great as a job. Because jobs usually pay you fairly consistently, and have benefits, and sometimes bring you happiness, and offer raises (aka opportunities to make more money just by showing up). Look I know you still have huge potential and I'm really excited to see where you go in life. Genuinely... It's just not going to be with me. 

2. It's Too Complicated.

One day we're friends. The next I wish we had never met. 
One day I pride myself on knowing how to spell your name perfectly, the next I wish I had never even asked how it was pronounced. 
I will admit I think you look great, in Forbes and on my Insta feed...setting your own schedule..."being your own boss"... but really it's all just starting to feel a little, well, fake.

3. Everyone Is Doing You.

You used to be so original. 
So unique. 
Now you are trending so much that EVERYONE is doing you. Moms, Kids, my neighbor, the whole Shark Tank. It's just not the same. 

I'm sure there will be times when I miss you. When I see a great idea or new product or when I hear about other Entrepreneurs finalizing their first (or second) round of funding. I worry that I may find myself wishing and wondering about what could have been. I also know it will be hard not knowing what's going on when my Entrepreneur is with you. I know that he will have a hard time not sharing every details about what happens when the two of you are together, but I really can't hearing that. It's just too hard. So let's agree to just keep it cordial, and simple, and separate. 

So goodbye.

You've taught me so much.

But we are NEVER 

getting back together.