01 August 2011

And the Men are on the Board!

FINALLY I am getting some more interviews with the Guys in the relationship! :) We are excited to visit with the opposite sex to hear about the similarities and the differences between the ladies and the gentlemen and the differences that Entrepreneurship plays in their marriages. I had to kind of wing this Interview because we were short on time, but it was one of the best yet! Short and to the point. We've got a few more guys lined up so get ready: The Men have arrived!

"Mr. Straightup Entrepreneur"
Married: 7 Years
Phase: Startup
Children: 2
Started First Business: 6 Years into our Marriage

MTE: So what are some of the advantages of Being Married to an Entrepreneur?
It really makes her happy, so I am excited for her to be happy about something. She spends all day with our girls and it's really inspiring for her to have something she is passionate about...not that she's not passionate about our kids, she is, but it's just a reminder that being a mom is an aspect of who she is, not the whole picture.
MTE: Are there any hardships/challenges associated with the Entrepreneurial Life?
Sometimes it takes away from some of the things at home, we have to make a few sacrifices, but it's worth it. It takes a lot of her time and that took adjusting, for us...and for the kids.
MTE: Anything else you would like to share?
Since I work full-time this is like a part-time gig for her, but I think she finds it more fulfilling then I do regarding my full-time career! {laughing} I actually think she is really talented. I honestly didn't know how well she would do, not that I doubted her, it's just that you never know and she has done quite well. The money isn't a issue, because it's not about that for her. Sure it's nice that she can make some on the side, but we would be ok without it. It's an outlet for her and she really enjoys it and if you've got a Happy Wife you've got a Happy Life!
 I concur!