"Truth is, I haven't always been convinced that I love this life...but I do love the man who loves this life. And that has made all the difference."   

            -Married to an Entrepreneur Blogger, Anna Stehrenberger

My Entrepreneur and I just celebrated our 10-year anniversary. And in case you are wondering in Married to an Entrepreneur Years that's the equivalent of like 47 years of regular marriage.

You see, when I agreed to marry my Entrepreneur I was naively unaware of the roller coaster ride that our life would entail. It wasn't long before I found myself seeking, longing, wishing, hoping and desperately praying for some sort of therapist or support system that understood this road of Entrepreneurship as the spouse of an Entrepreneur. The only problem was I couldn't find it. So I started writing about being Married to an Entrepreneur. And I started interviewing spouses of Entrepreneurs. And I decided I was going to create a place for spouses to come for help and support and a few really good laughs.