03 August 2011

Entrepreneurial Personality Type

Each person is born with a unique personality. While a great deal is learned through circumstances and other people, our specific preferences are believed to be inherent in us by the time we are born. So while our level of education, upbringing, family, friends, belief system, training, desires and/or experiences may affect the direction of our lives, the core of our personalities remain relatively constant.

Recently there has been a high level of discussion about which traits or attributes "make" an Entrepreneur. To clarify, I believe that there is a difference between an Entrepreneurial mindset and an Entrepreneurial personality. I, for one, do not have an Entrepreneurial personality. Unlike my Entrepreneur, that personality type is not in my genetic makeup...in other words it is not innate part of who I am {much to my dismay. lol.}. I can, however, {on rare occasion} have an Entrepreneurial "mindset". There is a difference.

I also believe that there are variances within any personality type, but the reason it is defined as a "type" is because there are more similarities across the board. {sorry I got a little "quotation happy"}

Traits of the Type "E" Personality Type {a short list}

1. Can work for long hours with great concentration.
2. Manifest an openness to new experiences.
3. Exhibit a strong combination of playfulness and discipline.
4. Enjoy learning. 
5. Hold high levels of endurance and perseverance.
6. Aim for achievement.
7. Can be both extroverted and introverted. {In fact, in psychological research, extroversion and introversion are considered the most stable personality traits.}8. 
8. Exude passion.
9. Seek answers to questions.
10. Perhaps one of the most important quality, the one that is most consistently present in Entrepreneur Personalities, is their ability to enjoy the process of creation.
This list could go on and on, but the point of this post isn't about identifying each Entrepreneurial personality trait within the Entrepreneurial type {whew}, but rather to focus on the ones your Entrepreneur possesses.

In an article written by Bill Wagnar in the Entrepreneur Magazine (April 2006), he states:

"Anyone can start a business. The secret is picking a venture that fits your entrepreneurial personality...The most important factors that distinguish entrepreneurs who barely make it from those who make millions are personality and--sometimes more important--the ability to harness personality, use it and learn from it."

Some of the greatest knowledge is self-knowledge. When we come to understand our strengths, talents and abilities we are also better equipped to manage our weaknesses or limitations, especially if we surround ourselves with people who hold strengths that we may not possess. Which can be great for your marriage!

An Entrepreneur who can channel their Type "E" Personality strengths will unleash their true potential.

{the same holds true of the spouse although their personality styles may differ}

An Entrepreneur's Spouse who can channel their own personality type strengths will also do the same.

So...what are your personality strengths?

Whatever they are.

Cultivate them.