11 August 2011

Husband Number Two...

Not my 2nd husband, just the 2nd husband that I've interviewed. We were set up by his wife who is actually the Entrepreneur and after a few short minutes of phone tag we finally got to a few minutes to catch up about life as the husband of an Entrepreneur. I was impressed with the couple as a unit and as individuals.

Mr. Stars Above Entrepreneur
Phase: Start up
Married: 6 years
Kids:1 daughter
Entrepreneurs Company: http://www.starsaboveballoons.com/
Started first business 2 years ago

MTE: So were you aware she was an Entrepreneur when you married her?
Yeah, I think so. I knew it was always a goal of hers. It's always kind of been ingrained in her...to own her own business.
MTE: What has been your involvement with your Entrepreneurs Business?
So I'm not really involved with the administration it's more the physical labor of the business. Set up, break down...the literal physical work. I like it, it breaks up my usual routine.
MTE: Let's talk about some of the instability of being married to an Entrepreneur...have you felt that?
At this point things we aren't really facing instability. Financially I've got a 9-5 and so we aren't solely dependent upon her company, but she's smart and we've got low overhead and a very custom business so our financial investment is a matter of when there is demand then we supply it. We don't have to invest financially extensively and my wife actually gets to pick and choose how much work she'd like to take on.

MTE: What does being Married to an Entrepreneur add to your life?
Enthusiasm and passion. It's even more than that, she is actually making people really happy and it's very fulfilling for her and very rewarding. It's great results for hard work.

MTE: Tell about some of the greatest lessons you have learned being married to an Entrepreneur?
To have fun and enjoy life...it's interesting because a 9-5 doesn't always provide that kind of enjoyment. She is really passionate about what she does and her charisma and how she interacts with her clients...it's inspiring and contagious. She is really happy to provide joy and it's been a great lesson to me as I watch her reach her goals.

What a great support! What a great couple!