11 August 2011

Mrs. Established Entrepreneur

So I love interviewing spouses that have been married for a long time and 33 years meets that criteria. I have known this Entrepreneur and his wife for a long time {over 3/4ths of their marriage to be exact} and have depended on their advice and support for years. We were able to touch base over a quick phone call that proved, as usual, to provide knowledge from a wise and well educated wife of an Entrepreneur.

My favorite moment: When discussing how full of ideas Entrepreneurs are she said, "For example, yesterday..." and then went on to tell the story. When you are Married to an Entrepreneur you never go a day without ideas!

Mrs. Established Entrepreneur
Married: 33 years
Kids: 4 
Phase: Established
Started first company: Her Entrepreneur became a partner in a company about 2nd year of marriage

MTE: Did you know he was an Entrepreneur before you met him?
No, I knew he worked hard and I knew he was a capable person, but I'm not sure I really knew what being an Entrepreneur would entail.

MTE: Were you raised in an Entrepreneurial Family?
Not really. My father was a farmer. He was conservative and didn't really take chances.

MTE: What attracted you to your Entrepreneur?
He was hard working. Always looking ahead and usually one step ahead of his competitors. He reads a lot and keep things current in his business by staying up to date. He is always on the cutting edge of technology and has been known for that.

MTE: What are some of the hardships you have faced being Married to an Entrepreneur?
My Entrepreneur really likes the challenge of doing something else...working on something new. I don't feel that need innately to go another step. For example yesterday... {laughing} seriously, my initial thought and immediate reaction is: "Oh great here we go again..." He is always thinking of something else to do.

MTE: How do you cope with the stress?
I've gotten better through the years. Since he is self-employed and owns his own company he technically goes to a "job" everyday and goes to work. That's comforting. I haven't felt our life was threatened. Funds that were used for investments were pulled from money we had saved.
MTE: How involved are you with the finances?
I keep track of our money and I manage that so that give me security. We talk about all the financial choices. It's really good to be involved and know where things are at. He has become more conservative lately, with so many changes going on around us and in some of the investments. If our marriage started with start ups and failures it would have been really hard. Most of our ventures are within his expertise.
MTE: What are some of the joys?
We have had success. It's really good to be married to someone who is happy in what they are doing. Although we have had our ups and downs, financially we have been ok.

MTE: Is it worth it?
For us? Yes. I think if the family is suffering emotionally or financially it may not be worth the risk. Family is more important then someones creative endeavors. If it blesses the family and provides progress and they want to strive for that I support that. Living paycheck to paycheck may not get you anywhere either.

MTE: What advice would you offer to other spouses or future spouses of Entrepreneurs?
Make sure you know their character. An Entrepreneurial mind can get caught up in getting money quick and there is a fine line. Honesty must be a top priority.

MTE: Share a lesson that you have learned about life being married to an Entrepreneur?
Sometimes, no matter how hard you work and how much potential a company has, sometimes there isn't an answer as to why things don't work out. The true test is whether you can pick yourself up after failure and move ahead. It's not degrading to get up and go to a job everyday. Sometimes piece of mind is better than reaching for anything.

I sincerely appreciated the honesty regarding Entrepreneurial risks and understanding what the risks of pursing Entrepreneurial dreams may entail. It is wise to be prepared, to know where are limits are and to ensure that we keep our families together.