21 September 2011

The Moments of Waiting

You know when you really, really want something? But you have to wait.

Maybe you have to wait for the right time or for the right things to fall into place.
Maybe you have to wait for the answer or for approval. Or maybe you have to wait on someone else.

Whether it is for a response, an answer or a miracle, sometimes it feels like you just can't sit still for another minute or hold your breath any longer.

Thanks to modern technologies so much gratification is immediate. But there are still some things in life that your iPhone can't find an app for and that Google cannot answer. Now, more than ever, in this day and age I think the adage is true, patience is a virtue. So today, as I sit and wait for life to deal the next hand, I am grateful.

Grateful for what I have felt have been the moments of waiting. 
Moments that I spent waiting for the next milestone, the next big break, a new chapter {and some days hoping for another book entirely}. Moments that I dreamed of tomorrow, wished upon a star or hoped for something better/something different/something more...

I am grateful for these moments because you know what happened? 

During this long,
struggle called The Wait...

  I began to blossom.