14 July 2011

Lesson #5: The Power of Passion

Passion is often thrown into the mix with other words like drive, ambition or determination.

Although all of those words can inspire, keep us pressing forward, they can motivate us, and they can be the prerequisite to success {or failure}. Passion is in a league of its own. Passion isn't about pursuing a hobby or an interest or a preference. It's much more. Passion is critical for your marriage, your Entrepreneur and a key component in the success of both.

While drive, ambition & determination motivate us to excel in something.

Passion is what draws you towards something.

Entrepreneurial & Marital Passion is...

joy. life goals. purpose in life. our greatest hopes. a talent. waiting to be discovered. succeeding in life. making our mark. exploring possibility. inspiration. powerful. romantic. beautiful. rare. within each of us. yours to discover. light. noble. zeal. laughing with life. perseverance. a gift. enthusiam. strong emotion. desire. creating. infectious. reverance. your own. hunger. personal. part of us. risky. leap of faith.    yours to claim. family. hope. learning to trust. seeing life.  continuing through hardship. investing. takes practice. innate. unique. you. 

"Without passion man is a mere latent force and possibility, like the flint which awaits the shock of the iron before it can give forth its spark."  Henri-Frédéric Amiel.

Want to improve your marriage with your Entrepreneur? Light your own passion spark about Entrepreneurship. It may not erase your feelings of insecurity and I don't promise it will make tough days easier. You'll still worry and stress and occasionally fall asleep at night dreaming about what it would be like if your spouse just had a regular job like everyone else {don't act like you haven't :) }.

And then you'll remember that this type of passion is at the heart of everything great in Entrepreneurship and can be at the heart of everything great in your marriage and you will begin to count yourself blessed to be married to someone who possesses it.

Become Passionate about Entrepreneurship and you will find yourself falling in love all over again.