19 July 2011

100 Interviews in 100 Days

We have set a goal to interview 100 Spouses of Entrepreneurs in 100 days.

Here is why we need your help:

We want to understand what is really important to spouses of Entrepreneurs.  
We want to analyze the whole spectrum of experiences that spouses face.
We want to meet more amazing spouses of Entrepreneurs.
We want to hear about how your marriage has been challenged.
We really want to hear about how your marriage has been strengthened.

Here is why you will actually enjoy it:

It's refreshing to share your story.
You will make new friends. (real ones, not just twitter follower ones.)
It's good therapy.
You will learn something new.
If we can't beat'em...you know the rest. :)

If you are an Entrepreneur and are married (or dating/engaged to someone) send them our way. If you are the Spouse of an Entrepreneur you are probably already really excited to be interviewed as your way of saving other innocent to-be-spouses from the Entrepreneurial Underworld.

Actually, we aren't haters and this will not be an Entrepreneur hating/horror storytelling session...well not entirely at least. We really love Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurs (obviously), so our point is to gather data for more insight and understanding. We want to help spouses of Entrepreneurs feel supported. We want to offer some survival tips. And we also want to make them laugh.

Email us: MarriedtoanEntrepreneur(at) gmail (dot) com to get yours scheduled!

If you don't want to interview, that's cool, then take our survey, that helps too!
(fyi: we do give you a code name, you will be able to proof the interview before it is posted and we don't release personal information)