31 December 2010

Resolution Rethink

I feel nostalgic thinking about the year of 2010 and all that it has taught me. It's just a simple change right? Instead of writing 2010, it's 2011. Well...maybe it will feel that way on January 2nd. Tonight, however, it feels like a chapter is closing and tomorrow I will have a fresh piece of paper to write yet another story.

Experience truly is a great teacher.

For me, this "being married to an entrepreneur" can be likened to the same feelings I had when starting a new semester at college...at first the challenges were exciting and motivating. As the semester progressed some tests were good reminders that I was well prepared. Some were reminders that I was not. At the end of the term a grade was given. It was based on my ability to relay information that I had learned regarding each particular subject/topic that was taught. There were some classes that I received A's in, but learned very little from and some that I received less than an A, but learned tremendously from.

So basically in regards to marriage & entrepreneurs (well, just my entrepreneur) I'm not sure that I deserve an "A" for 2010, but I've grown remarkably and I'm confident I have many years to come to keep improving my grade.

"Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us."  Hal Borland

Happy New Year.