28 December 2010

Eat, Pray What?

So we decided to watch the movie Eat, Pray, Love. You would think that I would have learned by now to reserve these types of movies for solo watching or for a night out with my sister...not for watching with The Mr.

To set the stage: I had read the book, knew the premise and had already seen the movie once before.

Mr. Entrepreneur did not read the book and was not too fond of the movie.

We have since had lengthy discussions and have revisited the topic on more than one occasion because he is certain that it is movies, like the before mentioned, that confuse women about love. I...in a sense...agreed. Although I was not about to throw the whole premise of the movie under the bus because of a minor (or major) chick flick element. It was the journey, her self-reflective story that I was fond of. That was what movie pictures were originally intended to do right? To allow us to live/understand/see/experience/enjoy a life we may never know?

Anyway, although that was a good point by me, it is not the intended point of this post.

My real point revolves around a statement that the protagonist, played by Julia Roberts, delivers.

Relative to a potential circumstance that would be new and foreign to her she made the following comment: "I need to be unnerved."

And I thought that is exactly what living with an entrepreneur is like...being unnerved.