08 December 2010

Singin' the Blues Like a True Entrepreneur

To say Entrepreneurs are extremely optimistic would be an understatement. So much so, that when their spouse is the least bit realistic they seem like Debbie Downer.

It shouldn't be surprising that this is one of the most challenging aspects of being married to an Entrepreneur.  Unfortunately, when spouses take the more conservative viewpoint it can appear like we lack confidence in our entrepreneur and their abilities.

Here are a few tips to remember to help keep the glass half full...for both of you: 

1. State the positive FIRST. You don't want to kill the idea, or the dream, after their very first sentence. Hear them out. No matter how high you feel your blood pressure rising, seek to find something good (anything good) and say that first.

2. Speak highly of your entrepreneur. What you say about your entrepreneur (and their business) says a lot about your support level. Say the very best...you would want them to do the same.

3. Attend to their needs. I'm talking the basics: food & rest. The fulfillment of these two needs, or lack thereof, can be the difference between night and day for both you and your entrepreneur. Keeping yourselves refueled and refreshed will help keep your marriage, and the business, intact.

4. Offer support. This can be anything from paying the bills to proofreading their most recent blog post. Support includes what you say and what you do.  Don't be afraid to jump in, you might just bring out your own inner entrepreneur.

5. Celebrate the smallest successes. Entrepreneurs tend to dismiss milestones if they are short of their ultimate goal. Acknowledging success (even small, incremental ones) will help your entrepreneur increase their confidence. You empower them and increase their enthusiasm when you celebrate progress. It will give them the strength to tackle new challenges. There will be lots of people to celebrate your entrepreneur when they have big successes. It's the small ones that they will remember and those are the ones you want to say you were there for.

Keep in mind that even entrepreneurs struggle with the drive to continue and the commitment to persevere. When your entrepreneur faces hardship your response can be critical in the success of the company (and your entrepreneur). It's common for the role of the spouse to be the cherry on top or the straw that breaks the camels' back. No pressure right?

It takes a lot of confidence to start a business and that alone is worth supporting & celebrating.

That way we don't have to be one of these:

but we can still laugh at her: http://bit.ly/QO58p