18 November 2010

Talk to me

For the last two weeks I have been meeting with spouses of entrepreneurs.

We have met in homes, cafes and bookstores and talked over playful children, barking dogs and hot chocolate.

I wanted to learn about them, their entrepreneur, their marriage and how they make it all work.

I must admit, it has been very rewarding and insightful.

I've discovered how very similar we are in how we see our entrepreneurs, how we relate to them, how we encourage and support and inspire them. We face similar challenges in being realists, desiring stability and hoping for a bright tomorrow. We have all been pushed to limits we weren't sure we could handle, been asked to step out of our comfort zones and yet, those are the very experiences that have shaped our character, fortified our marriages and have opened our minds to greater possibilities.

I really like it.

I think I'll keep it up.