16 November 2010

Do you take this Entrepreneur?

When we were dating everyone called him ambitious. That was attractive. But like most things in marriage a few years into it things start heading down hill. 

I'm kidding.

You know how it is though. Those traits and characteristics that were so intriguing and inspiring when you were starry-eyed-in-love get lost in the daily grind and you find yourself fighting to remember that at one point you actually loved that about them.

For example, when we were dating hard work meant he had drive, passion, commitment and would never give up. Today, hard work means less family time, vacations that make me feel like a single mom and 24/7 attachment to his iPhone. Ok. I admit, life could be worse. At least I'm not having to deal with a spouse that is home so often that you want to start a fighting just so they will leave and you can have some time to yourself... again with the kidding.

It's just that when you are married to an entrepreneur you marry a creature/person with a imagination/brain that doesn't stop designing, creating, developing, learning, promoting, producing or undertaking something. I know, all good things right? It's just that when you are someone who may not design, create, develop, learn... that didn't work, I do learn. I am learned? ...you know what I mean. We just operate differently and that's taken some adjusting.

Maybe it's my own fault that I didn't see this coming. I should have paid more attention. It's not like my husband majored in Business...emphasis, you guessed it, Entrepreneurism.

It's just that at the time I had no idea what the word meant. I thought it meant he was independent and that we’d be self-employed and while those statements are both true, I didn’t know it would mean high fluctuating bottom lines, learning how to be our own marketing and PR firm, that insurance was a luxury, that work didn't mean you had to have a "job", that sometimes we had to working tirelessly just to make payroll or that sometimes we would make payroll for everyone but us.

But this marriage was a package deal- husband and entrepreneur in one.

Do I take this Entrepreneur? Yes.