09 January 2014

Oh Pivot.

Pivots are both common and critical.

While the idea of Pivoting is nothing new, the terminology for explaining whether someone made a good or bad choice when playing Monday morning quarterback is. To pivot implies that you are able to keep one appendage (foot/aspect of the company/purpose or goal) firmly in place as you shift the other in a new direction. Since this can happen in emails, tweets and board meetings on a daily basis, they are common. Because they can make or break a company, they are critical.

Here is a recent list of 14 companies that fared well in the pivot department according to reviewers. And there is a long slew of hundreds of thousands of companies that didn't. (Here is a list of 33 in case you needed a starting point.) 

To survive Entrepreneurship one must pivot.

Startup needs a little more money to get off the ground? Pivot.
Customer acquisition a little tougher than expected? Pivot.
Partnership just not working out like planned? Pivot.
You get the point.

To survive an Entrepreneurial Marriage it is pivotal that you learn to pivot.

Because YOUR ability to be pivot just may be the determining factor regarding which of above lists your Entrepreneur ends up on.