24 October 2013

I Declare Entrepreneurship.

If you want to be a physician it takes years to get there.

It involves undergraduate education, medical school and graduate medical education. Only after years of schooling including clinical rotations and a residency program have been completed, along with the passing and approval of reviews and examinations, is a license for practice awarded.

Entrepreneurship is a little different.

Have you ever seen The Office episode where Micheal Scott decides he needs to declare bankruptcy? He stands in the center of the office and yells at the top of his lungs, "I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY!" {see it here}

Entrepreneurship is kind of like that. If you want to be an Entrepreneur you have to declare it.

While it may not always be declared in a public forum, Entrepreneurship is being declare every day. It is declared by your conversations and by the way you interact with those around you. You declare Entrepreneurship by the way you use your time and by the way you spend your money. Entrepreneurship is declared by the events you participate in and the people you associate with. It is declared at social parties, soccer games and dinner tables.

For me Entrepreneurship is declared when I fold laundry in the same room we call His Office.
It is declared when I park my car outside to ensure enough room for our inventory in the garage. It is declared when I answer the question, "What does your husband do?"
For two years, Entrepreneurship was declared when I went to work outside the home to make ends meet.

Entrepreneurship is declared in every aspect of our lives if we choose it. So the only question left is: Have you declared Entrepreneurship today?
To all of you who have, I second you.