13 December 2011

10 Ways to Fight with your Spouse over the Holidays

Just in case you run out of ideas on your own. Try these:

1. Inquire about recent purchases
2. Question parenting techniques
3. Offer unsolicited advice
4. Question their wardrobe choice
5. Ignore them for long periods of time
6. Pick up the phone in the middle of an important conversation
7. Be late, perpetually
8. Give excuses for everything
9. Emphasize your most annoying habits
10. Eat the last cookie

It can be a stressful time of the year and yet it doesn't have to kill your relationship.
I promise.

Try any of the following suggestions and you are sure to warm up the holiday spirit:

chilling out. holding hands. snuggling. laughing together. counting your blessings. write a thank you note. calling just to say i appreciate you. helping a friend or a neighbor in need. picking up someone's order behind you in the drive-through. letting the dishes sit so you can relax together. watch an inspiring movie. talk about your dreams. express gratitude. go for an evening stroll. do the dishes without being asked. clean up an area you don't usually. drive around looking at lights. drink hot chocolate with marshmallowa.
call an old friend. smile.

It's a time of reflection,
a time of renewal,
a time to remember
and a time to rejoice.

Wishing you and your Entrepreneur a very
joyful, merry and bright Holiday Season!