21 October 2011

Bootstrap in Style

I wanted to provide some examples of feasible, creative ways that you can utilize your bootstrapping skills. So here are two things that I have done in the last 2 weeks:

Clothing Swap

Hosted a clothing swap in my neighborhood.
I invited about 15 people and we each had to bring at least 3 items to swap.
I made these cute vote cards and provided some yummy desserts.
If more than one person was interested in the item they had to duke it out rock, paper, scissors style.

Babysitting Co-op

I also organized a babysitting co-op for a few of our friends. 
All you have to do is manage to keep all of kids alive for one night in exchange for 5 nights off. Improves our marriage without decreasing our wallets. Love it!

How do you bootstrap?