17 August 2011

Reminds me of a little song by Chicago...

It is really cool to be recognized as an inspiring force in a person's life and as the Spouse of an Entrepreneur it is REALLY nice to be recognized an an inspiring force. This Entrepreneur's spouse was literally the inspiration behind a company that her Entrepreneur started and has built a great business. He saw a problem at a company that she worked for and he figured out a way to improve it. 10+ years later and they have offices in Utah and India!  Awesome.

Mrs. Inspiration Entrepreneur
Married: 10 years
Phase: Growing
Children: Two
Entrepreneurs Company: http://www.propertysolutions.com/
Started First Business: When they were dating

MTE: So did you know he was an Entrepreneur when you married him?
I don't know if I knew what that he was. We were still in school and he wasn't 100% sure what he wanted to do. He learned how to program and then I kind of knew after that...that it would involve programming.
MTE: What attracted you to your Entrepreneur?
Super funny, cute and just an all around good guy. I knew he would be a good dad and he just wanted to make a difference in the world and do something good. He's fearless, which has it's pros and cons. I am total opposite {laughing} if I'm not comfortable, I don't try.
MTE: What has been your involvement with your Entrepreneur's businesses?
Our first business was a letter writing service and so while I didn't help with the business strategies I did print, fold and stuff envelopes. He talked to me about advertising and marketing, he has a lot more people to talk to about that stuff now though... {laughing} He does ask my opinion about company names or tag lines.

MTE: What are some of the hardships you have faced:
I am a pretty easy going person. I mostly want him to do what makes him happy. He has been successful so we haven't really been unstable in the financial sense. He works like crazy, round the clock. We maybe see each other for an hour/day sometimes. He tries really hard to balance, but it's hard. I am a very chill person though so we balance each other out.
MTE: What are some of the coolest things about being married to an Entrepreneur?
Watching him take an idea and make it happen. He's not afraid to try and it's really REALLY cool to see him do this. To create a viable successful company. We get to meet cool people and be inspired by others. We bought a home and a trampoline and well, it's cool and it brings us joy.
MTE: What has your Entrepreneur taught you?
To strive to follow your dreams. It is very fulfilling to watch his dreams come true and it has taught me to dream and to follow them.
MTE: What advice would you give to other men or women who are about to marry an Entrepreneur?
I know not everyone has felt confident in their Entrepreneurs ability to provide, but I have. So try to trust them and be supportive and easy going. I'm not a huge worrier so I am OK with being patient.

Some of her best words of wisdom: Let them make their dream happen!

I'm working on it, although it seems like this Entrepreneurial Marriage has it down! Pretty sure he owes all the success to you...or at least some really good dividends. :) Best of luck.