17 August 2011

An Interview from the other side: Dating an Entrepreneur

So in case you weren't aware... you don't have to be Married to an Entrepreneur to be interviewed by Married to an Entrepreneur. I am willing to interview people who are dating Entrepreneurs, divorced from Entrepreneurs, crazy ex-girlfriends of Entrepreneurs  and not because I am running out of people to interview, although I may or may not have been freaking out about that last week. I want to see the whole spectrum and I know that also includes people who are in non-marital relationships or have been in relationships with Entrepreneurs in the past. So don't be shy. 

Ms. Adventurous Entrepreneur
Dating: 3 years
Phase: Start up

MTE: How did you and The Entrepreneur in question meet?
{laughing} The Entrepreneur. Well he and I have been together for 3 years. We long distance dated for about a year and then I moved out here and started working for the company that he started. I still work there now.
MTE: Was he your first introduction to the Entrepreneur World?
My parents and grandparents are Entrepreneurs so I was raised around it, but he has really jumped into being a real/full-time Entrepreneur in the last year.

MTE: What attracted you to him?
He was a go getter. I liked that he was motivated. He has a lot of ambition and is aggressive about pursuing things. I obviously like his personality too! {laughing}

MTE: Any involvement with his businesses?
No, I'm not involved. I work for the company that he started and owned, but I am more of a sounding board and we try not to dwell on work when we get home, we like to enjoy other things. I mean if there are problems or issues we will talk about it, but it’s not the main part of our relationship or conversation.

MTE: Have you faced hardships and stresses about the Entrepreneurial Life?
I haven’t had any negative experiences, they have all been either neutral or positive and if they had been negative I may have different feelings. We are both working, we don’t have kids we are in our 30’s we don’t have those things that tie other people down. I work full-time and have a dependable place of employment, if that was in question then I might have different feelings, but right now I am open to it and we are both enjoying our time.

MTE: So what is something that is cool about being with an Entrepreneur?
Always the potential to have huge payoffs. I am the stable one and he is the one who has a little more flexibility and it works for us, it’s a good dynamic and I like that he has that creative outlet and when things aren’t going right, he can get down and that’s a bummer especially when you put so much effort into it, but we have still been ok financially. It’s a part of an Entrepreneurs identity. Especially in the beginning they are working on it by themselves, it really defines them.
MTE: So what is in the future for you and Mr. Entrepreneur?
{laughing} Just keep doing what we are doing. We are in a good place and we are really loving what we do. He loves the freedom to work his projects and I really find so much fulfillment in my job.
MTE: Not meaning to sound jealous...but are you saying dating an Entrepreneur is easier than being Married to an Entrepreneur
I know it is. I was married before. Marriage is hard all around. I know if we added other elements like children, if I wasn't employed full-time, having to plan for kids education, home loans, etc. I know it would be so much harder and I'm not sure I would have the same outlook, but since when is "easy" rewarding?

We work hard at our relationship and I work hard at my job and he works hard on his start up and we are rewarded because we put in the time and the effort and want to make it work. Whether you are dating or married if you want to succeed you find a way to do it and I don't care who you are, that's admirable.
This was a fun interview because it was an opportunity for me to share the WHY behind Married to an Entrepreneur since many of the issues that I have personally faced weren't being experiences by this couple...at least yet {that or they just had really go wraps on it :)}. I know that Ms. Adventurous Entrepreneur will not be deterred from pursing everything that life has to offer...whether or not an Entrepreneur is included, although I'm pretty sure she is sold on the idea independent of what I had to say.