05 July 2011

And the Winners Are...

Last week I had to report on how I performed with the challenges that were issued during my 6-week Entrepreneurial Lecture Series. I reported on hosting a networking event, completing a service project, raising money and then basically had to plead my case and prove my "Entrepreneur Worthiness"...

evidently I didn't do enough because I didn't make the cut.

The challenge was: Are you fully committed to being an Entrepreneur?
I guess I was naive to think rejection wasn't going to be involved.

At first I was really bummed (in fact there may or may not have been tears involved) and then my Entrepreneur convinced me that if I really believe that writing about Being Married to an Entrepreneur will add value to people who are dating or married to Entrepreneurs then (for their sakes) I can't quit! (the actual dialogue may not have been that dramatic, but it was just as inspiring.)

I actually don't think they took me seriously.  I think the judges thought it was cute and sweet that I was "playing" Entrepreneur for a few weeks, but I wasn't just playing, I was serious. You see...I believe that we can create a network of support for the Spouses of Entrepreneurs and I believe that blogging about being Married to an Entrepreneur is just the beginning.

Good thing tomorrows' post is on perseverance.

side note: there was only one other female in the running. she was a sales chick. I guess being a salesperson makes you an Entrepreneur!?!...lol...I'm obviously completely over it. :)