07 June 2011

Can a Non-Entrepreneur hold her own with Entrepreneurs at Entrepreneurship?

An Entrepreneurial Lecture Series that I am attending proposed a challenge... the Lecturer stated that if we were fully committed to being an Entrepreneur that we should commit to a 4-week Entrepreneurial Challenge. Prize: Winners receive a 2-3 day trip with private mentoring from highly influential Entrepreneurs. Intriguing, huh?

{for those of you wondering why I am attending an Entrepreneurial Lecture Series when I have the real deal at my own house, well... I needed more human research subjects.}

One of the first questions I ask Entrepreneurs' spouses when I interview them is whether they believe their Entrepreneur was born or made. This is an age-old question surrounding Entrepreneurship and while I am not seeking to find a set answer I am genuinely curious how they view the "Nature vs. Nurture" aspect in regards to Entrepreneurship. More specifically how they view it in regards to their Entrepreneur.

Ask yourself these questions: Do you think Entrepreneurship can be learned? Could YOU be an Entrepreneur? Could you teach yourself to think like one? To take risks like one? To face rejection like one?

I decided I wanted to put the challenge to the test so I signed up.

I'm curious to see how I will compare, since I don't believe I have the make-up of an Entrepreneur, but I have had a lot of exposure to one... we shall see.
We haven't received the first assignment yet, but I will be sure to let you know when we do!

P.S.) I may be a little more competitive than I let on.... :)