18 May 2011

Be the Supplier of Support for Your Entrepreneur

While there are thousands and thousands of articles that have been written about the characteristics that "make" an Entrepreneur, there is little discussed about what makes an Entrepreneur's spouse. While I believe that there are hundreds of characteristics that are productive for both the Entrepreneur and their spouse, I have found that there is one resounding characteristic that defines an Entrepreneur's marriage and career (and ultimately their level of success in both), and that is called being a supplier of support.

Support is defined as the following:
a structure that holds up or serves as a foundation for something else; 
an act or instance of helping; 
food, money, possessions for staying alive; 
person who helps another; 
to hold up; 
to take care of; 
to provide for; 
to defend, 
an advocate or belief; 
to endure.

The level of support that an Entrepreneur needs from their spouse is more than the occasional, "You can do it" or "I believe in you" mantra. It's a deep, abiding and grounded type of support. Which isn't easy to come by because this support must be earned and not by the Entrepreneur. It must be earned by the spouse. 

It is earned in the moments when you are faced with the fear of failure or the power of experience, and you choose experience. It is earned in the moments when you are faced with the choice of stability or pursing a passion, and you choose passion. It is earned in the moments when you give up your preferences for their dreams.

To be a supplier of support you must support the vision, the work, the passion, the hope, and you must support it when it is least supportable. They call it start-up for a reason. Be the support when it counts the most.