06 March 2011

Xanac for Spouses of Entrepreneurs

I wish there was a medication that I could take that would make me overly optimistic, passionate, daring, spontaneous and undeniably determined all in one.

Or maybe I am just looking for a medication that I could take so that I can cope being married to someone who has all those attributes.

I do not think it's normal. Aren't most of us depressed, staying in our comfort zones and giving up? I'm kidding... it's just a point to reiterate why entrepreneurs are amazing. They aren't the norm. And that has value.

We are back in The Startup Zone...you know the excitement/paralyzing fear stage (yes that is my title for how I feel). It's the place where you are constantly battling the following conversations:

"Awesome! Here we go!" vs. "Are we seriously doing this again!?!"

It's such a mixture of ups and downs that it's hard to know how you will feel one day from the next. We have done a few soft launches with this company before, but it always required some more tweaking/development...a little here and a little there.  And that takes time & money.

I've concluded that if worst comes to worst all we have to do is start over. We have done that before and we can do it again. And if best comes to best...well then I may not have to think about Xanac anymore...at least until the next project starts.