30 January 2011

Going to bed with an Entrepreneur comes with a startling wake up call.

Entrepreneurs claim that one of the most intriguing aspects of Entrepreneurship is the idea of setting your own schedule, being your own boss & owning your time. But I have found that more typically the exact opposite is true.

Why? Because Entrepreneurs are governed by their businesses.

Having a business is like having a child.
It requires constant attention.
And this is not a brain-off type of attention because the investment is more than just financial.
Time of Day? Irrelevant
You had other plans? Irrelevant.
It is demanding and exhausting and will bring out the best and the worst of you.
P. S. There is no snooze button.

So what is the upside? Eventually this infant grows up to be independent contributor to society and stops being a money pit at some point in its life and...well...if it doesn't work out with that one you can always try for another.