02 November 2010

My Marriage. Entrepreneur Style.

Marriage is hard enough...add to the mix an out-of-the-box, creative, risk-taking entrepreneur and you are sure to begin living a life that few dare to try and so many envy.

I could probably end most of my stories with the punch line "...because I married an entrepreneur." DaDa Da. I can just hear the laughter.

Not that it's my excuse, it's just that other people who understand entrepreneurs (or share in the misunderstanding, however you like to view it) understand that statement.

While my life has been full of bold and exciting business ideas and investments, it has also lacked paychecks, insurance coverage and stability at times too. I believe that spouses of entrepreneurs play a vital role in fostering, inspiring and learning to accept the roller coaster life of entrepreneurism whether you are married to a small business owner, mompreneur or venture capitalist.

I have spent the last 6 years of my marriage in Entrepreneurism 101, which has included eight moves through three different states, give and take hundreds of thousands of dollars plus two kids. I am currently employed full-time as my husband works on the development of our newest business venture from home.
I haven’t always been convinced I love this life, but I do love the man who loves this life and that makes all the difference.

So here’s to our next million dollar idea, no matter how many attempts or failures, or kids for that matter, we have along the way.